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green tea (photo)

Used by many, Green Tea has immeasurable health benefits, especially for the skin

lavender flower (photo)

The pure extracts of Lavender aid healing and release freshness

rosehips (photo)

For vigour and vitality, Rosehips are always a key component for health needs

witch hazel (photo)

Aids recovery and cleanse the skin. Anti bacterial qualities







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Natural Skin Cosmetics

For Beautiful Skin and Beutiful Health


Welcome to Natural Skin Cosmetics – the home of natural skin care & beauty products, oils and other personal health care products that are formulated for you – the individual.

Natural Skin Cosmetics are simple, affordable, effective and handmade and prepared for your health needs.


At Natural Skin Cosmetics, our aim is to bring you natural, effective and unique natural skin and personal care products that will help you from the first time you use them.

Pamper yourself with the unique vitality of our natural creams and oils. Use for skin, for joint pains, for fatigue, for rejuvenation.

Use our face creams to give yourself a natural lift knowing our product range is 100% natural, 100% safe.

We research and subsequently only use the ingredients for our natural skin and personal care products range that are natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly and that carry a commitment – for nature and mankind.


Our natural skin cosmetics and personal health care products are:

  • Sustainable
  • 100% natural
  • Chemical free
  • Work within a very short space of time


If you are looking for healthy vibrant and radiant skin, supple joints, relief from pain or want products that help with your general health care, take a look at our unique and vibrant product range.

Give yourself true vitality and freedom with our Natural Skin Cosmetics.

Products you can trust.


When put together in certain combinations and ratios, these ingredients have an extraordinary curative healing effect on the skin.



Take a look at our range of handmade creams on the left. Our unique creams provide natural skin care and fall within the skin cosmetics range.

Take a look at our skin cream, face cream and other natural skin care products.

Why not try a natural make up with our handmade blended creams.







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Natural Skin Cosmetics offers handmade Herbal Creams using only UK sourced ingredients that are of the highest quality.

Ingredients used are from pure natural flower extracts and essences, prepared especially in just the right quantity to provide healing and results.


aloe vera (photo)

Only the purest Aloe Vera extract is used in our creams providing relief and anti-bacterial propertieis

honey manuka (photo)

Pure Manuka Honey provides therapeutics healing and rejuvenation

hypericum (photo)

Hypericum is known to help heal scars and aid recovery

zingiber (photo)

A potent extract of Zingiber provides vigour and vitality

rosemarinus (photo)

Time old Rosemarinus is used to bring radiance and beauty


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